Latest Opening Update

REXS - Hall for Hire - ReigateWe are looking to re-open our Club on Friday 21st August.

We still have a lot of work to do to get the club ready to re-open on this date and to achieve this we need more volunteers to help with the finishing touches, rubbish clearance and cleaning.

If we get enough people helping we can keep to this date if not, the opening will have to be delayed. Please help where you can, even a couple of hours of cleaning could make all the difference. If you need to get in touch please use the contact page on this website.

When we re-open we will only be using the hall side to start with and we will be operating a clearly labelled one-way system. We would encourage everyone to pay by card where possible and to follow all the guidelines. The better this works, the quicker it will lead to the whole club being open. Please understand nothing like this has happened before and we will be looking to our members to help us make this work correctly.