Social Club Membership

We are a private member's social club and as such have different licensing rules to pubs. We operate under a 'Club Premises Certificate' and have to abide by the rules of that certificate and the most recent licensing act.

What this means is as follows:

    • You need to be a member or a guest of a member to be served at the bar.
    •  All guests must be signed in by a member.
    • Guests MUST leave when the member leaves.
    • There is a limit on how many times a guest may sign in.

These are not just our club rules, they are part of the Licensing Act 2003 and are therefore Legal Requirements.

How To Join Our Club

As a private member's social club, all potential new members must be introduced by an existing member of the club. In addition to this, a new application for membership must be seconded by a club committee member.

New members must wait for a minimum of two days until membership rights are granted and all applications will be displayed in the club for two weeks to allow any members to give feedback prior to membership being processed and fully approved.

PLEASE NOTE - None of the above prevents anyone from coming into the club and enquiring about membership.

New membership includes a joining fee of £5 plus £20 annual membership subscription (charged pro-rata until the end of the year).

Click here to download a New Members Application Form (this will open in a new tab).

The membership form is in pdf format and you will require Adobe Acrobat to view it.
This can be downloaded by clicking here.

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